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We are based in Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.

Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China

6th Cuiyi Road,Chang’an Town

(+86) 134 1237 8326 


Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Supplier in China

Your Trusted Wire Harness & Cable Assembly supplier

  • ISO/TS-16949 and UL certified wiring assembly manufacturer
  • R&D and manufacturing base of extensive Wire Harness and Connectors

We Manufacture

Interconnect Solutions

Shunsong Harness offers custom products to a wide array of industries and we are constantly

working to maintain and earn new product and facility certifications.

Songshun Harness designs and builds custom wire harnesses that can withstand the most challenging environments and specifications.

No matter the type of equipment, a reliable foundation can make all the difference. Your electronic cable assemblies must be designed and built to perform, with the highest level of quality.

Our high quality production of automotive wires has positioned us in midst of leading Automotive Wire Harness manufacturers based in China. Our innovative approach has enabled us to manufacture state of the art electric wire harness.

The motor components, fan components, switch components, and relays are purchased by Songshun Harness according to the highest standards. We can connect different connectors at the end of electronic components according to customer requirements to solve the problem of docking between electronic components and circuit boards.

Many industries, including outdoor lighting, telecommunications, medical, and industrial vehicles require high-density circular cable assemblies that are as tough as they are reliable. Songshun Harness specializes in building custom circular cable assemblies of the highest quality, complexity and reliability.

Songshun Harness manufactures a wide variety of custom RF Connectors and Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies, including RG-58, RG 59, RG 62, LMR, Low Loss, semi-rigid and RG6 coaxial cables in Quad Shield and Tri Shield with BNC, F and other connectors.

Our End-to-End Process

We specialize in Electric wire harness, Cable Assemblies, Circular Cable Assemblies,

Customized solution, engineering & design.

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“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team dreams come true, great! I really super appreciate the expertise Songshun demonstrates.”

Patrick Chester,

Purchasing Head

“We choose Songshun for a number of reasons but mainly because Songshun listens to technical feedbacks and The service we received is great.”

Lassy Jensen,

Sales Manager

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25 years of wire harness production experience

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